A mutual love of sport is a great way to meet someone online. Not only can choosing it as a dating activity be a great ice-breaker, it’s also a great way to ensure personal satisfaction during the dating process. Exercise breeds a positive mentality; releasing endorphins and helping you to relax and be yourself – so it’s a great antidote to any initial date nervousness.

As an ongoing boost for any relationship, sport can also provide fun and excitement. Something which remains important for many people looking for love is a need to be challenged; and participating in exercise together is a great way to continue to push each other.

At Love2Date we’re ideally-placed to provide a platform for dating for sporty people. Here are 4 great suggestions for exercise-themed dating after you've met someone with us; with information provided on where you can participate in each activity within the Sheffield area:


Ideal as a year-round dating activity, tennis holds plenty of appeal because it can be played both indoors and outdoors. If you’re keen to find someone to try the sport with, or if you’ve been hunting for a playing partner, dating with someone who shares this mutual interest can be highly satisfying.

You can choose how many sets you want to play at the start, so if you’re a nervous first time dater you can tailor the length of the game to your mood – although you’ll probably find it so enjoyable that you’ll want to carry on anyway.

Graves Tennis and Leisure Centre have indoor and outdoor tennis facilities available throughout the year. Prices vary depending on the day of the week and time you’re looking to book.


As the greenest city in Europe, Sheffield is perfect for golf. With beautiful surroundings and stunning courses, you’ll never be short of a place to play and it’s a perfect activity for ongoing and initial dating.

If you’re just starting out you needn’t worry, as it’s one of those rare sports that everyone struggles with at first – just look at any difficulties as conversation starters. You’ll find that people will be extremely understanding and keen to help you progress as a player.

The 4 SIV golf courses – Beauchief, Tinsley, Tapton and Birley - offer great choice to those looking to play in the Sheffield area. Each course is available to the general public, with paid membership giving you unlimited access to each throughout the year.


With the Peak District right on the doorstep of the city, Sheffield remains one of the most popular places in the UK for cycling. As a dating activity, it’s perfect for those keen to share in the joys of the outdoors together.

You can alternate spells of peaceful conversation with intense exercise; and learn to intertwine the two passions together. Cycling also presents the chance for you push yourself physically and drastically improve your fitness.

There are plenty of cycling groups around the Sheffield area; but with modern-day GPS equipment and information online it can be every bit as much fun to explore your own routes together.


For those with a real competitive streak, squash is the perfect sport for an intense workout. A challenge of both your fitness levels and reflexes, it’s always a hit with keen sporting enthusiasts. It’s impossible not to work up sweat when playing; which can be a great way to shake any initial inhibitions and help you let your hair down the first few times you meet someone.

Squash also has the added benefit of being fairly easy to pick up for those who’ve come across racquet sports before. Seasoned tennis and badminton players will take to it quickly and are sure to relish the challenge of adapting their skills to a new sport.

Paid membership is available at Abbeydale Park Rackets & Fitness Club; which has 5 impressive glass back courts. One of these is an all-glass show court which remains one of only 3 in the UK.

Dating for Sport Lovers at Love2Date

For sports enthusiasts looking for love online, meeting someone who shares your passion for exercise and fitness can be extremely rewarding. By choosing a niche dating site like ours, you can be sure that the people you meet will already be well-matched to you.

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